Tuesday, May 14, 2013


My gorgeous friend is off to a 10day vipassana (silent) retreat tomorrow.
I think the strength, willpower and dedication to do this and to herself is amazing... I struggle with 10mins let alone 10 days!  

I think we all need to take timeout and connect with our inner being - enjoy the silence :)


Friday, May 10, 2013


Can't wait to see this face!

And do this...

And this...

 And this!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Tijuana (Cartel) - you know you wanna!

Tijuana Cartel is rocking out at The Oxford Arts Factory tonight - SO excited to see these guys again!!

Listen here http://www.triplejunearthed.com/TijuanaCartel and buy tickets to tonight's gig at www.moshtix.com.au

"Tijuana Cartel's new attitude seems to have had a positive effect on their musical direction. There is still plenty of the party flavour in the music but there is now a much more serious musicality and a quite sexy theme permeates the live sets. Each song flows seamlessly into the next and provides a groove that builds throughout their entire show.

Tijuana Cartel have carved what is one of Australia most successful independent musical careers. They have spawned a sound that is truly unique and managed to convert a growing crowd into devoted fans. Their recent single release gained over 40,000 YouTube hits in its first few days of release and the band have played at almost every major festival in Australia including a headline spot at Peats Ridge Festival over New Years.

You can catch a glimpse of the new and improved Tijuana Cartel on Feb 1st at Sydney's Oxford Art Factory.
Supported by Wild Marmalade + George & O'Sullivan

Doors open at 8pm."


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quinoa Crisis

It hurts my little heart that there is a Quinoa-Crisis in South America due to the new super-food craze driven by us in the developed world!

Quinoa, the grain of the Incas, has been cultivated in the Andean highlands of South America for over 7000 years and is a staple throughout many countries. But, the sudden increase in demand by us greedy guts has ensured a Quinoa-Crisis where these countries (predominantly Bolivia and Peru) are no longer able to purchase this food type, a staple in their lives. Instead they are now ingesting wheat and rice and are bound to experience many tummy-troubles!

In saying this, it didn't stop me venturing out to an extremely delicious restaurant, The Nourishing Quarter (a divine, shabby-chic Vegetarian restaurant in Surry Hills) - where you guessed it, Quinoa made a large appearance across the menu! So, here I am being a tad hypocritical and adding my name as a westerner-greedy-guts! My flatmate is making me boycott this grain moving forward - let's see how long this lasts xo

Favourite dish: a deliscious vegetable, tofu , quinoa and noodle salad

A close second: San Choy Bow 


Friday, January 18, 2013

I swear to drink in new watering-holes

A not so resolution to do better, but more increase my repertoire... I thee swear to perhaps saunter out of thy comfort zone (let's be honest - now Bondi) and visit a new watering-hole (bar) on a monthly basis!

Maybe this ALMOST (count-down til Sunday) 2wks sober if doing wonders for my brain, as I think this is a positively amazing resolution!


1. Lobster @ The Rook

2. Frankie's - from the makers of Shady Pines & Stitch

3. Dive Bar, King X

Still yet to check out a few oldies too... Baxter's Inn, Shady Pines, Grasshopper here I come :)
(on my allocated drinking day obviously!)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

SO WHAT... I'm a Dreamer


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January 17, 2013
Even though there may be visions of fairies and unicorns dancing in your head, you might find it hard to communicate these beautiful thoughts to others. You might be a bit standoffish and reluctant to talk to people today. Perhaps you are afraid to share your secrets because you want to keep them for yourself. Today's sextile between Venus and Saturn is suggesting that this behavior is perfectly fine.
Me in a nutshell! Check out your custom horoscope at http://www.astrocenter.com

Monday, January 14, 2013

Lianne La Havas

One of my great loves is good, live music!

Managed to catch an amazing set at Beach Road, Bondi last night - a guy (very hot, I might add) & a guitar - playing amazing renditions and a few originals - just dreamy!

This week I am going to see the beautiful Lianne La Havas, playing at the infamous Spiegel Tent as part of The Sydney Festival. A brand new discovery for me, thanks to my music guru friend Melissa White. If you haven't heard of her yet then get Google-ing... or click below for a little preview into what you're missing!

'Forget' - http://vimeo.com/35498048
'Age' - http://vimeo.com/45672566